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Eurostile Next Regular


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After graduating with an Industrial Design BFA at MessArt, I brought my talents to Hollywood. Now I’m a big time movie producer. I brand every movie I produce with Eurostile (or Bank Gothic). Everything I touch turns to gold.

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Because Eurostile is fucking awesome, duh! I use it in everything. Logos, posters, presentation boards, websites, mobile apps, etc. It’s perfect for everything, especially for high tech and sci-fi shit. I just love the squarish letters with rounded corners. Who doesn’t love rounded corners? Modern design trends definitely took inspiration from Eurostile. With this perfect font, I don’t need any of them graphic design bullshitters. I can design everything on my own and they will turn out just perfect. Exhibit A, you’re looking at it. Everything a graphic designer can do, I can do better…with Eurostile.

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